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Be Our Dealers

We believe in a profitable business model for all key players, so we work hand-in-hand with distributors to provide them with low-risk, modest investment opportunities that promise extremely high returns.

We’re always looking for dealers who understand what their customers need and always try their best to service their customers.

Excellent distributors and installers are welcome to join us. We help dealers achieve their goals by assisting them in drafting effective advertising campaigns. In addition, we can also recommend more customers who near you need car wrapping for you if needed.

If you are an installer with your own shop, if you have more than two years of vinyl wrap experience, then join us and become Alukovinyl distributor in your local area.

To become an Authorized Dealer, please email us at service@alukovinyl.com, we are always waiting here for you.

What if you don't have your own shop and you're not an installer, but you want to join us? No problem! Click the 'commission alliance' below to become our sharer. If someone orders from your link, you can also earn commission. How about it? Isn’t it exciting? Complete now: Commission Alliance