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Benefits of Car Vinyl Wrap

  • Protect Your Paintwork

Car wrap will protect the paintwork of your car. It acts like a barrier from any chemicals, bird lime, harsh car washes and light scuffs and scratches.

  • Transforms The Look Of  Your Car

With new vehicle purchases especially, vehicle wraps have now become very popular as makes transforming the color and finish of car panels very easy. You can also get a best car wrap.

  • Precents Rust

Rust is formed when iron and oxygen react with moisture in the air. ALUKOVINYL's car vinyl means the panels of your car won’t be in direct contact with water or the sun, meaning that the development of rust won’t occur.

  • Cost And Time Efficient

Not only will the cost of a car wrap be cheaper, the time taken to complete the wrap job will be less than half than that of a respray.

Why Choose Alukovinyl Car Wrap

Our aim is to manufacture a wide range of high quality, durable and cool car wraps at a friendly price. Our team is committed to provide better and high range of car vinyl. We keep up with the trends and constantly improve our product range based on cutting edge technology and research. We also work hard to ensure that our vehicle wraps are seen around the world. At ALUKOVINYL, we are obliged to provide you with the best car wrap in the industry at a affordable price. Thanks to modern e-commerce, all of you can now easily order the style and color of vinyl packaging you want directly from our online shop.

So there’s no doubt that we are the best choice to have a new car vinyl!