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Blue Vinyl Wraps
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Gloss Miami Blue Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 01 Gloss Miami Blue Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 02
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$388.80 $577.99
Gloss Light Blue Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 01 Gloss Light Blue Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 02
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$388.80 $577.99
  • What's Blue Vinyl Wrap

Blue car wraps are an excellent choice for those who pursue elegant and fashionable colors. ALUKOVINYL offers a wide range of blue car wrapping in different finishes. They both offer a distinct look; for example, our blue matte car wrap and blue chrome vinyl offer a completely different feel. In addition to wrap cars, blue vehicle wrap can be used in a wide variety of vinyl design projects. You can drill down into categories and find one that suits your taste. Order car wrapping blue now and get creative.

  • Blue Car Wrap is Waving at You

Blue Vinyl Wrap is a High Grade Polymeric Calendered Vinyl Film with fashionable and stunning colors. It represents professional, safe and formal. It feels mature and trustworthy. Our Blue Vinyl Wrap can be pasted on your car, truck or SUV, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. Our Blue Wrap, it can give your car or bike a new look. What’s more, it is easy to apply, and will not damage the paint surface, and can protect it from scratches and dents. Look! It’s waving at you!

  • Blue Vinyl Wrap, Never Let You Feel Blue!

In the automotive industry, there has been a surge in the popularity of blue as the color for the vehicles! If you want to join the trend as well but do not possess a blue car, invest in a premium quality wrap. With the magnificent blue vinyl, you can turn on the charm and give your vehicle a new sense of depth and dimension! They make your vehicle sparkle even on a cloudy day due to the layer of exquisite sheen on their surface.

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