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Matte Vinyl Wraps
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Matte Carbon Fiber Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Matte Carbon Fiber Car Vinyl Wrap 02
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$474.80 $577.99
Matte Wine Red Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Matte Wine Red Car Vinyl Wrap 02
  • 16
$474.80 $599.99
Matte Deep Black Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 01 Matte Deep Black Car Vinyl Wrap Sale 02
  • 2
$474.80 $599.99
Matte Rose Pink Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Matte Rose Pink Car Vinyl Wrap 02
  • 1
$474.80 $599.99
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What's Matte Car Wrap

Matte vehicle wraps are nothing new to the average customers. Even those who haven't considered matte car wraps are at least familiar with how car wrap matte can boost your business and enhance the look of your private car. However, when it comes to choosing matte vinyl wrap, many would-bes quickly discover that there are significant differences in appearance and quality when comparing matte vinyl wrap to alternatives such as gloss wrap.
While gloss vinyl wrap is an ideal wrapping material for certain projects, it's often better suited for interior applications. Its finish glistens in the light and its smooth finish creates a dreamy look. Unfortunately, the material is more for show, as it's not durable enough to withstand damage from impact. Touching gloss vinyl can smudge and leave fingerprints.
Thankfully, matte vehicle wraps don't present users with these problems. Matte wraps will not glare under natural or artificial light sources, including sunlight. It is also more durable, making it a reliable material for any application that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Matte vinyl wraps are also cost-effective because they last for years and many applications are easy to install for professionals and DIYers alike.
At Alukovinyl, we know that every packaging project needs a high quality vinyl wrap that won't disappoint. Our selection of matte car wraps include durable films in hundreds of colors. Whether you're looking to improve the appearance of your vehicle or complete another creative project that requires a long-lasting, smooth and attractive finish, our full range of matte vinyl wrap can help.

The Best High-End Matte Vinyl Wrap

Matte Vinyl Wrap is for those seeking to decorate their vehicles by enhancing curves rather than adding shimmer. It gives the vehicle an impressive look without the overwhelming shine. Being non-reflective, it absorbs light, making the lines and curves of the vehicle more attractive and appealing to the eye. They are best choice for those who want to give the ultra-modern, subtle look to their ride.

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